15 Things You Need To Know About CIRI 



1. The Construction Industry Register Ireland was established arising from an initiative by the Forum for the construction industry with the support of Department of Environment, Community & Local Government and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF)


2. CIRI is independent of the CIF in its decision making.


3. The aim of the register is to improve building practices in Ireland and thereby both benefit and protect the consumer.


4. CIRI provides an online resource Register of competent contractors for use by members of the general public and by consumers in the public and private procurement of construction services.





5. Applications for membership must be approved by the CIRI Board. The majority of this Board is comprised of members nominated by Government, CIF and also includes professional bodies.


6. In order to aid in the improvement of building practices CIRI places a strong emphasis on, and requires, mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This register promotes high quality and fit for purpose CPD.


7. A central purpose of the registration process is to assist governance and statutory performance compliance.


8. It is therefore imperative that all involved in the construction process are suitably trained in up-to-date regulatory, technological and business management processes with CIRI CPD playing a vital role in achieving this.


9. The assessment criteria for membership include both Eligibility Criteria and Competency-Based Criteria for each category of Building service offered and looks carefully at ongoing regulatory compliance including insurance and tax compliance.



10. Annual re-registration is a condition and implicit undertakings are required regarding changes in capability or other issues that may be prejudicial to re-registration.


11. Adherence to a strict code of ethics and conduct is required of all registrants.


12. Membership of the Construction Industry Register Ireland will assist public and private stakeholders, including construction designers and other procurers of builders in identifying and accessing competent entities.


13. Membership is currently on a voluntary basis. It is the Government’s intention to place CIRI on a statutory footing.


14. The General Scheme of THE BUILDING CONTROL (CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY REGISTER IRELAND) BILL 2017 is currently before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government for pre-legislative scrutiny.


15. Application for membership is made by the completion of an on-line application form. The CIRI Admissions & Registration Board makes the decision in relation to the assessment of applications.



Apply to join the register: https://www.ciri.ie/applicants/


Paul Forde is Director and Chairman at DBFL and a member of the CIRI Board.