NTA CycleLocal Challenge

Through July and August DBFL had 8 cycling teams putting pedal to the metal taking part in the NTA’s CycleLocal three-week cycling event.

Participants from DBFL fully embraced the CycleLocal Event by topping the Small Organisation Leader board every week and winning first place overall in the same category.


CycleLocal Leader Board

Smarter Travel Work Places Cyclelocal Leaderboard


Our virtual teams took to the streets, parks and greenways of Ireland to put in as many short 10 minute trips as they could manage to explore their local area while being safe both on the roads and by social distancing.

We have awarded Gold Medals and vouchers for our 1st place team, Silver for 2nd, Bronze for 3rd and even a set of wooden spoons for the team members that came last.

DBFL CycleLocal Team


DBFL CycleLocal Silver Teams


CycleLocal is part of the NTA’s Smarter Travel Workplace and Campus initiative to encourage workers and students to be healthier and more environmentally friendly.