Ballycullen / Firhouse QBC





€6 million


South Dublin County Council

The project involved the provision of bus priority measures on Ballycullen Road between Stocking Avenue and Firhouse Road, on Firhouse Road between Ballycullen Road and Oldbridge Road, and on Oldbridge Road.


The bus priority measure consists primarily of bus lanes, but also includes significant upgrades to the traffic signal control systems to improve the priority for buses, particularly on the approach to junctions.


Full cycle and pedestrian facilities (including those for the mobility impaired) were included also as part of the scheme. It also included upgrading all bus stops. Additionally, the cycle facilities provided included both on and off road cycle lanes/paths.


DBFL were appointed under separate appointment to the role of PSDP, taking over from RPS, and bringing the project through design stage, construction stage and eventual hand-over.


In the role of PSDP,  the following duties were carried out;


1) Attended initial handover meeting with Client and RPS (PSDP for scheme design stage).


2) Liaised with all designers to the project and made them aware of their duty to apply the general principles of prevention specifically with regard to identification of risks, assessment of resultant hazards and avoidance if possible or mitigation proposals where unavoidable.


3) Requested and received Designer Risk Assessments.


4) Reviewed all Designer Risk Assessments and compiled risk register for incorporation into Preliminary Health and Safety Plan.


5) Prepared Preliminary Health and Safety Plan for inclusion with Tender Documentation.


6) Prior to commencement of the works, an initial safety meeting was organized with the PSCS and the Employers Representative, wherein the Preliminary Health and Safety Plan was reviewed together with proposed Traffic Management Plans and Method Statements.


7) Thereafter specific monthly meetings were held with the PSCS, Employers Representative and Designers. These meetings provided a forum for identifying design alterations, temporary works designs, other designers etc and thus risk assessments were ongoing during the construction stage.

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