Butterstream Clane Flood Protection Scheme




Water & Environment

€1.8 million


Kildare County Council

DBFL were appointed in 2002, by Kildare County Council, to carry out a catchment study of the Butter Stream, Clane. The study was primarily carried out to address the issue of surface water disposal from an adjacent Kildare County Council residential site, as there was a history of flooding in the area.


The project brief required identification of the catchment area of the Butter Stream and, by taking into consideration existing developments and zoned lands, the existing capacity of the stream was determined. The study involved fieldwork, including a topographical survey of the Butter Stream and a ‘walk through’ of the surrounding area. The stormwater runoff from the catchment was estimated using the Flood Studies Report (F.S.R.) Method. This method involved separating the catchment into rural and urban area and calculating the runoff from each. Where the capacity of the stream was less than the estimated surface water runoff from the catchment, recommendations for upgrading of the network were proposed. The report also included cost estimates for the proposed upgrades.

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