Clondalkin Core Bus Corridor




Bus Priority Scheme

€30 million


National Transport Authority

DBFL were commissioned by the NTA to develop the Options Assessment Report and design the preferred route for the Clondalkin to City Centre Core Bus Corridor (CBC) scheme. The project involved the development of a significant number of options to provide enhanced facilities for buses and cyclists along this challenging route. The ultimate objective of the scheme was to increase the attractiveness of these sustainable modes via infrastructural enhancements which included segregated facilities and advanced measures to achieve bus priority such as Queue Relocation.


The scheme also required that the impact of the proposals on all travel modes, including traffic, was considered and assessed. The options assessment process also required specific consideration of environmental impacts including architectural heritage as well as land ownership impacts amongst other criteria.


The preferred scheme involved the design of approximately 10.3km of segregated bus and cycle facilities for the majority of this length with cost estimates produced for this scheme to inform future budgetary requirements.

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