Clonmel Traffic Management Plan




Transportation Study



Clonmel Borough Council

Clonmel Borough Council commissioned DBFL Consulting Engineers to prepare a traffic management plan for Clonmel Town Centre.  The study brief was to examine how the town centre is to develop in the medium to long term and what changes need to be made to cater for the town’s future transport needs.


The study involved undertaking a comprehensive series of traffic surveys throughout the town, including traffic counts using video survey techniques, parking beat surveys and the use of automatic traffic counters.  A Paramics micro-simulation model was created for the town centre and has been used to assess different traffic management measures such as: changing streets from one-way to two-way and vice-versa, identifying junctions that need upgrading, designing traffic signals and roundabout controlled junctions and identifying locations for off-street parking.


The project also involved numerous presentations to the elected members and local interest groups.


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