Cork Bus Routes Study

Transportation Study



Cork City Council

Cork City Council in partnership with Cork County Council commissioned DBFL to undertake a transportation study to quantify the operational performance of 25 key bus routes in Cork City and the surrounding environs bus network. The analysis of the recorded data enabled a benchmarking exercise to be carried out during which the 2016 networks performance was evaluated against previous year’s performance levels. This benchmarking exercise aided in the appraisal of key performance indicators to assist in identifying specific areas where action may be prioritised with the objective of enhancing bus service performance levels.


The following performance data was recorded for each of the 25 Bus Éireann routes (for both inbound and outbound journeys):


1) Journey time between links (for bus based journey)

2) Journey time between links (for private motor vehicle based journey)

3) Bus dwell times at bus stops

4) Passenger numbers boarding and alighting at stops within a link

5) Bus wait times at a single key stop along the route




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