Days Inn Parkwest SAS




Hospitality & Leisure

€15 million


Harcourt Developments

This is a 146-bedroom hotel development as part of the last phase of expansion in Parkwest, West Dublin. The development is on a greenfield site and was constructed using a prefabricated steel framed pod system.


The pod system, manufactured in England by Caledonian Building Systems, was clad in a stone effect cementicious panels and a steel framed roof system was provided over the pod frame. The pods were provided complete with windows, bathrooms, plasterwork and finishes, with central mechanical and electrical services installed once the structures were complete and building weathered.


Because of the need to maintain open plan areas to the ground floor and maximise on flexibility, a reinforced concrete flat slab transfer structure was provided throughout the first floor. A concrete structure was used in order to deal with the curved nature of the plan of the building.The curved canopy structure to the roof was achieved with cantilevered steelwork. The hotel opened in December 2007.

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