Dublin Airport South Apron




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€5 million


Dublin Airport Authority

DBFL have recently developed a design package for the extension of the South Apron at Dublin Airport. The design was conducted in accordance with aerodrome industry standards.


The works involved;


-Over 17000 square metres of Pavement Quality Concrete

-A long life flexible pavement perimeter access road

-A stream diversion in compliance with recommendations made by Fisheries Ireland

-Diversion of services

-Routing of MV cables avoiding existing and proposed infrastructure.

-Multiple retaining structures of various types

-In excess of 1000 cubic metres of surface water attenuation

-Civil and Structural Works for High Mast Lighting.

-Civil works for Aircraft Ground Lighting

-Support structures for VDGS and Sign Indicators

-Security barriers

-Accommodation for future PBZ project

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