Ennis Road/Inagh Drive Junction Upgrade Works Limerick





€0.25 million


Limerick City Council

The four lane R445 Ennis road corridor is one of the busiest commuter routes linking Ennis and Shannon Airport to Limerick City Centre and LIT. In response to access and connectivity problems experienced at the priority controlled four-arm staggered junction between Ennis Road / Inagh Drive / Elm Drive, DBFL were commissioned to investigate, analyse and design a junction improvement scheme at this heavily trafficked corridor. DBFL were tasked with safeguarding bus journey times along this QBC, accommodate vehicles seeking to exit the junctions’ minor arms onto Ennis Road and actively accommodate pedestrians in response to the walking desire line across the R445 corridor where significant volumes of school children travel between an existing national school (to the north of the Ennis Rd) and large residential areas to the south of the R445 corridor.


Completed in 2012, DBFL undertook the following tasks;

1) Initial site audits, road user audits, data collection and traffic surveys.

2) Scheme Option Development

3) Preliminary Design Stage

4) Network modelling and scheme simulations

5) Part VIII Consultation exercises

6) Detail Design Stage

7) Road Safety Audit

8) Scheme costings and Tender Documentation preparation.

9) Tender Evaluation and management of contractor procurement process

10) PSDP Services throughout the duration of this commission.

11) Supervision of construction works,

12) Contractual claims advice and claims management services.


DBFL’s solution involved the introduction of traffic signal controls with specific attention afforded to pedestrian, bicycle and public transport requirements. The project works involved road widening works comprising kerb realignment and associated civil works, carriageway resurfacing and new footpath construction. Relocated drainage gullies were connected to existing surface water pipework

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