Firhouse Ballycullen QBC




Bus Priority Scheme

€6 million 


South Dublin County Council

The project involved the provision of bus priority measures on Ballycullen Road between Stocking Avenue and Firhouse Road, on Firhouse Road between Ballycullen Road and Oldbridge Road and on Oldbridge Road.


The bus priority measure consists primarily of bus lanes, but also includes significant upgrades to the traffic signal control systems to improve the priority for buses, particularly on the approach to junctions.


Full cycle and pedestrian facilities (including those for the mobility impaired) were included also as part of the scheme. The cycle facilities provided included both on and off-road cycle lanes/paths. It also included upgrading all bus stops. Works were completed on site in June 2011.


DBFL were appointed under separate appointment to the role of PSDP bringing the project through design stage, construction stage and eventual hand-over.

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