Francis Street Environmental Improvement Scheme





Public Realm


Part 8

Dublin City Council

The Francis Street Environmental Improvement Scheme involved the design and phased implementation of a series of public realm improvements projects at Francis St, Dublin 8.


The subject site is located in Dublin City Centre (Dublin 8) and is a one way street linking the R810 Thomas Street with the R110 Dean Street/The Coombe. It is home to the Tivoli Theatre, the Iveagh Market, St Nicolas of Myra Chapel and it is renowned as being Dublin’s ‘Arts & Antiques Quarter’.


The overall aim of the proposals was to revitalise the existing urban streetscape and enhance the rich cultural history associated with the street.


DBFL and the landscape architect provided detailed proposals for the streetscape; identifing a spatial hierarchy along the street, while ensuring balanced approach to the provision of space for competing uses and facilities,  including details of surface materials, street furniture, street lighting, street planting, all fixtures and fittings and general layout of carriageways, pavements, parking, loading areas, road marking and pedestrian crossing etc.


The focus of the scheme was to improve the aesthetic feel of the streetscape with enhancements for mobility, access, lighting, security, as well as increasing the cultural heritage of the area. The majority of the works focused on surface construction with minimal intrusion into the underlying formation.


Image source: Sketchrender

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