IFSC Dublin Accessibility Audit

Traffic Modelling
Dublin City Council
In July 2012 DBFL were commissioned to undertake a multimodal focused area wide accessibility study of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) which connects the heart of Dublin City Centre with the Dublin Docklands. The background data collection and audit exercise included a significant consultation exercise with the objective of encouraging stakeholder participation, problem identification and ultimately ensuring ‘buy-in’ into the eventual scheme proposals by all stakeholders.


The specific project deliverables included an evaluation of accessibility levels for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and a disability audit of the entire study area. An opportunities and constraints identification exercise actively shaped the development of four scheme options, which achieved an appropriate balance between all modes of travel, with specific priority being afford to certain modes of travel in appropriate locations. The four preliminary scheme options were analysed using a Parmices simulation model. Additionally, a qualitative assessment and costing exercise was carried out to enable the optimum range of incentives to be identified in response to the project brief.


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