North Wall Quay QBC




Bus Priority Scheme

€1.5 million


National Transport Authority

DBFL were appointed by the NTA to carry out the detailed design, tender documentation, construction stage, design management and handover for the 0.6km North Wall Quay QBC Phase 2. The works include:


-Road carriageway re-assignment

-Bus priority measures to enhance bus journey times

-Enhanced bus stop interchange facilities and new facilities

-Provision of cycle lane facilities

-Signalised junction at New Wapping Street

-New signal controlled pedestrian crossing facilities

-Alterations to hard streetscape on the existing campshire where interventions are required

-Additional drainage works

-Utility Works including lighting upgrades

-Pavement reconstruction and overlay works


Given the location of the works on North Wall Quay, a Preliminary Traffic Management Plan was also prepared by DBFL. Full contract documentation was prepared using the Public Works Contract, PW-CF5, Minor Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Employer.

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