Orbital Junctions Improvements Scheme, Dublin City

Traffic Management
€2 million
On site
Dublin City County Council
Dublin City Council appointed DBFL to develop an improved layout and operation for all road users at two key locations in Dublin City namely:


–  Kevin Street ; Bride Street Junction

–  North King Street ; Church Street Junction (including Brunswick Street)


The two locations which form part of the proposed scheme are key junctions in the Dublin City Centre transport network situated along the current Inner Orbital Routes north and south of the River Liffey. The safe and efficient operation of these junctions are scheduled to take on added importance following the implementation of several measures proposed as part of the Dublin City Centre Transport Study which seeks to prioritise Core City Centre access for public transport & the ‘soft’ modes of walking & cycling rather than the private vehicle. More specifically, it is a key objective of the Study to ‘facilitate the movement of cross city traffic away from the core of the city, and as such it is critical that appropriate orbital routing alternatives are provided to cater for the flow’.


The junctions which formed part of the subject scheme were proposed to be the first of a series of upgrades along the orbital routes circling the core city centre. DBFL developed the design of upgrades to cater for significant demand from pedestrians, cyclists and public transport whilst retaining the key traffic management function of the junctions for private vehicle accessibility of the city.

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