The Ormond Building





Commercial & Retail

€15 million


John Paul Construction


The Ormond Building is a mixed-use development on Ormond Quay contains 4,750 sqm of office space includes a single-storey basement covering 100% of the site.


Due to the building’s location on one of the busiest streets in the city, the practicality of deliveries and storage of materials becomes a major design issue. To overcome this issue, the majority of the structure was prefabricated off site and delivered on a “just in time” basis.


The allowable floor depths limited the options for a prefabricated solution and so a system of precast stair core walls, in-situ columns and in-situ floor slabs was used, with prefabricated roll out reinforcing. This option also had the advantage of reducing the programme duration.


The 100% site coverage meant that the attenuation and drainage requirements had to be designed into the ground floor structure, resulting in a 23 cubic metre attenuation tank and all associated manholes and drainage being incorporated just below ground floor without any additional excavation or any loss of valuable saleable area at basement or ground floor.

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