Printing House Square Student Accommodation, Trinity








Trinity College Dublin

This €36M Printing House Square development on Trinity College Dublin’s city-centre campus, consists of 260 units of student accommodation over six storeys, with ancillary space in the three levels below ground.

This development, on Dublin’s Pearse Street, includes numerous facilities, such as a rifle range, handball and squash courts, a health and disability centre, and two retail spaces on the ground floor.

This 13,800sqm development is expected to revitalise the Pearse Street side of TCD campus while providing greater capacity for its students.

A unique feature of this landmark development is the multi-faceted, multi-pitch roof with complex steelwork for the roofs of all three interconnected buildings. with the roof pitches springing from third, fourth and fifth floor levels. The roofs are clad in stone, with the cladding supported on a separate secondary galvanised steel support structure offset from the primary roof steelwork. Designed aesthetically to simulate the distant Dublin mountains as it fits into the Dublin cityscape with rocky peaks.

DBFL provided civil and structural engineering services for the development, working with Bennett Construction to develop and design the structural solution which realises this unique and complex design.

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