SAS Radisson Farnham




Hospitality & Leisure

€50 million


Roy McCabe

This development involved the retention of the existing Farnham House in Cavan (c. 1780) and the construction of a 150-bedroom hotel, conference centre and state-of-the-art spa complex. The development is located on the 2,500-acre Farnham Estate formerly owned by Lord Farnham which also included an 18-hole golf course and residential accommodation.


The challenge provided to the Architect, Gilroy McMahon, was the construction of the new development maintaining as much of the character of the original estate as possible. Many of the existing structures including the main house were listed and the retention of these in the overall development required careful consideration. The upgrading of the existing house from domestic to commercial use required strengthening of floors, roof and walls whilst ensuring that structure introduced was not visible.


Beyond the main house existing walls and features were incorporated into the design of the development and new structures were used to restrain these. The spa was constructed in reinforced concrete  and included an “infinity pool” which provided a heated pool which ran inside and outside the spa facility.

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