Tolka Valley Park Mulhuddart




Public Realm

€2 million


Fingal County Council

This project involved design of 5 pedestrian bridges, and boardwalk over the River Tolka, bank stabilization, river realignment, and culvert construction (€2 million).


Bank Stabilisation : securing geoweb to river bank slope to provide honeycomb-like structural support to top soil thereby preventing soil erosion during river floods.


River Realignment : involved tiding-up of river channels, diversion of flow from ‘existing’ straight channel to meandering overgrown channel and using existing channel as a flood overflow and channel stabilisation with rock armour.


Warrenstown Culvert : involved the replacement of existing problematic under capacity culvert with 40m of 4.45m span x 8.07m rise Armco section and the construction of gabion walls to protect the culvert headwalls.


Pathways : construction of pathways of macadam and gravel providing access through the park.

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