Weaver Park, Cork Street, Dublin



Public Realm

€0.65 million


Dublin City Council

DBFL provided civil engineering services on the development of Weaver Park at Cork Street, Dublin for Dublin City Council. This involved the development of a coherent, high quality, integrated public park for the community at Cork Street, as part of the Liberties Local Area Plan and the Liberties Greening Strategy.


Services included analysis and review of outline proposals to improve movement and circulation where required to achieve the objective of the master plan with regard to  movement (pedestrian, cyclist, traffic, transport) and identify at an early stage best practice solutions to ensure the visual quality of the public realm is protected and that a balanced, efficient and integrated approach is taken to the provision and allocation of space for movement throughout the project area.


DBFL provided full civil and structural engineering and PSDP services for Stages I to V


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