Binary Hub Student Accommodation

€25 million
Threesixty Developments Ltd.
This student accommodation development of 14,500sqm was developed on a brown field site in central Dublin off Thomas Street. Binary Hub provides 470 bed spaces which is achieved with 95 cluster units over 10 floors. Because of the 6m fall across the site, there is a partial basement accommodating plant and 41 parking spaces.


A courtyard is provided at first floor level for private open space and roof terraces are used to achieve the green roof requirements. In order to fast-track the programme much thought went into the introduction of bathroom pods. The pod chosen was a lightweight pod which had a plate floor requiring only a nominal recess in the concrete flat slab.


The site was formerly a distillery facility dating back to the mid-19th century. Detailed archaeological investigation work was carried out on the site to expose and record findings and artifacts before construction work proceeded. The careful planning of this work ensured the project was completed on time.

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