Waterford Urban Renewal Scheme



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Waterford City & County Council

DBFL were commissioned to identify the most appropriate area wide sustainable mobility strategy that would enable Waterford City Centre accommodate (a) the forecasted increase in activity and associated demands, (b) the need to safeguard the city centre’s multi-functional role and maximise the vitality and vibrancy of the core city centre; (c) the conservation of significant elements of the core area’s unique historical built environment whilst (d) accommodating the redevelopment of key opportunity sites; and (e) enhancing of the public realm and maximising the core areas’ ability to attract and retain both commercial and tourist activities.


The study represented the first time that the entire city centre area has been investigated in detail with the objective of quantifying existing practices and accessibility demands and identifying an area-wide sustainable mobility strategy in accordance with international best practice and smarter travel policy framework.


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