Kilmainham Gaol Visitor Centre

Conservation & Refurbishment
National Monuments Section, Office of Public Works
Kilmainham Gaol and Kilmainham Courthouse were completely refurbished in time for the 1916|2016 centenary celebrations, with DBFL providing civil and structural engineering services.


Civil / Structural Works to Kilmainham Courthouse included:


– Installation of passenger lift, platform lift and ambulant disabled stairs.

– Installation of new concrete ground floor to part of the Courtroom.

– Installation of steel access bridge at first floor level linking the West Wing and the East Wing with new door openings at either end of bridge.

– Modifications to existing strengthening works to stone stairs at northwest corner of Courthouse and load testing of the stairs.

– Installation of new rooflight.

– Installation of granite paving / steps.

– Installation of limecrete floor slab to Entrance Hall of Courthouse and in outbuilding.

– Remedial works to metal railing and stone wall along Inchicore Road and SCR.

– Installation of foul and surface water drains.



Civil / Structural Works to Kilmainham Gaol included:


– Installation paving, ramps and steps in the Yard.

– Construction of new door opening in Museum building, leading into the Yard.

– Installation of protective steel fencing beside basement area to East Wing of the Gaol.

– Installation of foul and surface water drains in Yard and connection to manholes in Courthouse site.


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